Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Photo Shoot Fundraisers

We'll be visiting the States in the month of August and are going to be doing some fundraisers while we're there. One of these will be a photography fundraiser. We'll be offering mini sessions at several locations or full shoots at the location of your choice. The cost of the session is by donation, but we do request that you give $45 for a mini session and $75 for a full session so that we can make sure we cover the costs involved in getting to the location as well as the time involved in shooting/editing. This is a great deal as sessions usually cost much more than this and almost never include digitals (you usually have to purchase the photos as well as paying a session fee). Photos in post are from previous shoots I've done at the locations available for mini sessions. You can see more of my photography at

Contact me on here, at, or call or text 484.826.7029 to book a shoot! We have limited weekends available, so book now!

Mini Sessions
Minimum donation of $45
What you get:
  • 15-25 minutes of shooting time 
  • all of the edited digitals
  • a print release so that you can get prints to your convenience

Available Locations:
  • Near the railroad bridges on Grampian Rails to Trails (parking available at the brickyard turn or by Aletta's Farm Market).
  • McGees Mills Covered Bridge (Mahaffey)
  • Grampian Park
  • Irvin Park in Curwensville

Full Sessions

Minimum donation of $75

What you get:
  • 30-60 minutes of shooting time 
  • An outfit change
  • all of the edited digitals
  • a print release so that you can get prints to your conveinence
  • The location of your choosing (within reason)

Thursday, September 20, 2018

November Coffee Nights!

So how does hosting a coffee or tea work? It's really very simple. You provide the location and invite friends, and Keith & I will provide drinks, treats, and entertainment. You can host any time of day, and for as long or as short a time as you'd like. The time is really based upon you and what you feel will work best for those you've invited. Entertainment can include anything from a laid back time of Irish music, relaxing with a movie, fun games, an actual lesson plan for Sunday schools, small groups or classes, or even a formal dinner or question and answer session. I'll be in contact with you about what will best suit you and your guests.
We are more than willing to travel, so don't let distance stop you from hosting!
Contact me for more info or to schedule!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tourist Tuesday: We Drove Across the Ocean to Coney Island (yes, really)

Coney Island. The smell of salt water, the sand between your toes, and whale bones on the beach...What? Not the Coney Island you remember? Ah, yes. That's because the Coney Island I'm talking about is here in Ireland --in Sligo to be exact. They also claim to be the original Coney Island for which New York's is named. It's said that Captain Peter O'Connor, who captained a ship between Sligo and New York, named Coney Island for his own back in Co. Sligo because of the massive quantity of rabbits living there. The island now has only one family of permanent residents, but people do stay on the island temporarily in the warmer months. 
There are only two ways to reach the island -- by boat or across the Cummeen Strand when the tide is low. On a hot 33°C (that's roughly 91°F), Keith and I decided to make the drive to Coney Island at low tide for a picnic and the lovely beaches that look untouched. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea. We ended up just driving out, finding no parking, and driving back again, but, oh, was it worth it just for the drive! Fourteen pillars guided our way across the ocean floor to Coney Island and back again. 

Below is a video of our drive sped up to show you the whole drive (which took about 10 minutes each way) within a minute. So, come along to Coney Island with us, and drive across the ocean floor!